Order of Merit 2017

Each month points will be awarded as follows after each monthly competition and the person with the most points after the December 2015 competition will be the overall Champion and will get a ticket to the races up a value of £16 or a two year subscription to the Classic Club or a joint membership to the Wales Racing Club for 2016.

The runner up will get a years subscription to the Classic Club and the third gets a copy of the Timeform 50 to follow for the following flat season.
1st 25pts, 2nd 20pts, 3rd 16pts, 4th 14pts, 5th 12pts,6th 10pts, 7th 8pts, 8th 6pts, 9th 4pts, 10th 2pts
In the event of a tie the points will be split i.e. if there is a tie for 3rd place, the 3rd and 4th placed points will be added together (12 and 10 and then split so 11pts each will be awarded to each).


ORDER OF MERIT 2017 - Standings after September 2017

98 Eamonn Keveney

50 Ryan Weller

47 TC

47 Darren Watson

45 Michael's Kings

44 Martyn Brown

41 Sunny Donny

40 Tony Roberts

39 Master Gambler


32 Gary Bryan

30 J.R.

29 Ian Hazell

27 Tia

26 Gary Bryan, Darren Hughes

25 John Hayman, Sue Francis,

24 Harry Winston, Perrie, Ross Thomson

22 Phillip Russell, John Titley, Dave Bates

20 Paul Halliwell, John Moore, Crottly

16 Tom Wright, Mike Tromans
15 Dave Upton
14 John Drury
12 Maxpower, Alun Dalwood, Peter Evans, Maurice Jones, Pauline Lancaster
10 Rob Scarlett, Mark Francis,
8 Rachel Taylor
6 Newey
4 Elitecaf, Andy Johnson
2 Marlene Harris-Jones,Dino's Donkeys

Roll of Order

2012 - Dino's Donkeys
2013 - Darren Hughes
2014 - Dave's Duff Picks
2015 - Gary Bryan/Tia
2016 - Sunny Donny

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